What’s the time? It’s always 4:20 somewhere and we are celebrating the fact with an exclusive and very practical product that will make your smartphone even smarter! Welcome to the 420 PhoneGrip – a Paradise Seeds branded phone holder and phone stand that is guaranteed to make your life easier.

What is a PhoneGrip? Well, you know how your mobile phone can be a slippery little critter to handle at times? Tasks like watching a video hands free, holding the phone steady to take photos or even operating your phone with cold fingers can be clumsy procedures.

So here is an inspired solution! The Paradise Seeds phone holder and phone stand, just 3.5cm in diameter, grips onto your phone. Once it’s gripped you hardly notice it (it protrudes no more than 1cm from the back of your phone), and when you are ready to use it, you simply ‘pop’ it out and make use of its ergonomic finger grip.

With the 420 PhoneGrip phone holder and phone stand you will have the capability to easily complete new tasks! Like what? Texting with one hand for example, having better mobility and stability when shooting videos, standing your phone upright (imagine the potential of this alone when video calling or playing music!) and of course having a hand free for a joint or vape!

The Paradise Seeds 420 PhoneGrip attaches to the back of your phone using suction, with a heavy duty 3M ‘glue’ that ensures it stays on! It will fit onto any phone model and most phone cases too (although we recommend that you test it first on your own phone case).

This Paradise Seeds phone holder and phone stand is matt black in color and comes branded with the Paradise Seeds name on the base. The main image is the immortal number combination that is instantly recognised and appreciated by those on the cannabis scene.

For those who don’t know, the term 4:20 is believed to originate from California and was first used by a group of high school students who used to meet up after school in order to blaze a doobie in the 1970s! From this exclusive club, the term grew and it has now become the international day of cannabis celebration – April 20th – with events held around the world.

With the Paradise Seeds PhoneGrip, it’s 4:20 every time!