Automaria II

With a combination of ruderalis, sativa and indica genetics, Automaria ll is an energizing Autoflower hybrid
which puts a smile on your day.

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Cruising Altitude… Automaria ll, our original Autoflowering strain, is a high performance hybrid with its sativa roots in the continent of South America. This strain has a reputation for good time sunshine vibes, easy growth management which makes it a great novice strain and of course the super quick finish that results from its Auto nature.

Those growers who buy Automaria ll cannabis seeds are buying into a little piece of history, because this was the first Autoflower that Paradise Seeds produced. It may be an original strain but it remains one of our best Autoflower varieties, as popular now as it was when it first came out thanks to its reliable performance and very desirable sativa effects. 


The fine ingredients that go into Automaria ll are genetics from the Brazilian Santa Maria strain (which has a reputation for delivering a soaring uplift that borders on the spiritual) and some Skunk genetics which give this hybrid its indica element. These have been crossed with Cannabis Ruderalis, the tough little plant with an Automatic body clock that thrives and flowers, regardless of light. The result is a stable Autoflower plant with the best qualities of a classic sativa.      

Aromas and Flavours

Plants grown from Automaria ll cannabis seeds will bring a sweet and spicy aroma to the grow room with a terpene profile that combines Limonene, Myrcene and Terpinolene. On the taste buds the flavor is sweet with a spicy note.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Indoors: A small package with explosive tendencies is the result. Predominantly sativa, but with indica traits, this plant likes to grow quickly and deliver a bigger yield than most Autoflowering varieties, given the right conditions. As with all our Autoflower strains.

This plant reaches between 70 cm and 1m in an indoor set up, which makes it good for small cultivation spaces. Growth is rigorous and consistent, with significant stretching of the stem and side branches, which allows for good bud development. The ratio of calyx to leaf is high and this makes for a speedy chop once harvest comes.

Outdoors: This plant will also give the outdoor gardener something to smile about with a fast turnaround from seed to harvest (70 days although we have had reports of even quicker finishes than that) and can easily grow taller than 1m. It will naturally grow strong and healthy in the south (Mediterranean regions of Europe and America, and in countries in the southern hemisphere). Automaria ll is also a good performer further north although it shows its Brazilian heritage with its dislike of wind and rain. 

Yield and Presentation

This plant yields a satisfying harvest of spiral shaped substantial buds with orange pistils and a generous coating of trichomes.

Indoor Yield: 400 g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 75 g per plant


Recreational: Definitely a cannabis strain for those who are seeking a happy and energizing result. The sativa effect makes this a good strain for socialising with friends, setting off on an outdoors adventure, or just appreciating whatever the day brings.     

Medical: .This is a plant to fulfil a need for good spirits and uplifting energy.

Grow Stats

Suitable for growing outside between 60º n.L. and 60º s.L., Automaria ll cannabis seeds will finish in 9 – 10 weeks after seed germination outdoors and 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 400 g per m² indoors / 75 g per plant outdoors.

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