A versatile and resilient sweet tasting indica strain that pays tribute to the tradition of the Amsterdam coffeeshop hashish scene.

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Star Rocket… Super versatile, super resistant. That’s what makes Spoetnik #1 such a winner. This is a 90% indica strain that pays tribute to the rich tradition of the Amsterdam coffeeshop hashish scene. In the 1970s and 1980s, before the ‘Nederwiet’ revolution took hold, cannasseurs would flock to the Dutch capital to sample hashish from around the world.

Spoetnik #1 is a plant that evokes this time, with its generous resin production and distinctive flavour. Spoetnik #1 cannabis seeds sprout into versatile plants that are equipped with an in-built resilience and resistance to pests and afflictions. A real old school strain, its heritage genetics are known for reliable performance and hash making potential.


This is a strain that has the Indian subcontinent running through its veins. The basic components are derived from the traditional indicas grown from the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan to the Himalayas in India. An infusion of Dutch genetics has produced stabilization and the result is a plant which continues to surprise modern growers who discover this hidden jewel.

Aromas and Flavours

Terpinolene, Humulene and Ocimene stand out in the terpene profile, contributing to a rich aroma in the grow room.  As you would expect, the taste of Spoetnik is also rich as the palate dances with heavenly grapes meets earth, meets the metallic taste of deep space.


Difficulty Level: Easy – Medium

Indoors: Grown inside it is obedient to training for whatever grow project you have in mind – Spoetnik is always ready for a mission. These inherent qualities make it a great choice for the beginner or novice grower, who can expect to reap a rich harvest of resinous produce. A slow starter to begin with, this plant compensates with a late burst, filling out branches and gaining weight as it reaches maturity. Professional growers will appreciate its fast race to the finish (45 – 50 days after light switch).

Outdoors: Outside, it will shoot for the open sky seeking out those sunbeams. However, its good all round resistance makes it well suited to outdoor gardens in northern regions where the Autumn weather is more unpredictable.

Yield and Presentation

The buds of the Spoetnik #1 are meteor chunky, with trichomes that light up the colas like the Milky Way. This plant is a dream for the farmer grower wanting to take home some hash from his or her harvest.

Indoor Yield: 500 g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 600 g per plant


Recreational: Spoetnik #1 announces itself with an immediate and cerebral effect, before moving to the body. Surprisingly for an indica dominant variety, relaxation and tranquillity can also come with an uplifting sense of meditation.

Medical: The uplifting relaxation makes this a popular choice with users seeking  a strain with analgesic qualities.

Grow Stats

Suitable for outside growing between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., Spoetnik #1 cannabis seeds produce plants that are ready to harvest in mid October outdoors (n.L.) and after 7 – 8 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 500 g per m² indoors / 600 g per plant outdoors.

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