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A fast to finish Autoflower strain which was developed with the medical user in mind. It comes with a meditative relaxation quality which recreational users also appreciate.

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Deep Chunk… Once you have tasted Vertigo, the only way is up, because this is a great Autoflower option for medical cannabis patients looking to cancel out their pain. It’s an indica leaning hybrid variety (60/40 indica/sativa) that we developed specifically with medical users in mind, although it also has its fans amongst those who are seeking a fast version Auto with great all round qualities and a heavy but focused potency.  

Vertigo is a strain that we took our time to research and develop in order to maximize its medical potential. We spent a number of generations breeding this sativa/indica hybrid before we released it, perfecting its characteristics of stability and strength.


To get the desired medical quality we desired in Vertigo we took inspiration from tried and tested landrace based strains and infused some Dutch genetics in the breeding process in order to produce some stability and performance. The heritage of Vertigo cannabis seeds is found in the mountain slopes of Afghanistan, famed for oily indicas that ooze relaxation. The uplifting sativa element comes from the south African region. As with all Auto varieties, ruderalis genes from the short stubby cannabis plant that automatically flowers in the far northern hemisphere provides the compactness of the plant’s form.  

Aromas and Flavours

The bouquet of Vertigo is heavily scented with citrus in the grow room and this extends to the finished buds which provide a pleasant treat for the taste buds.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Indoors: As some medical users may not be experienced cultivators, Vertigo has been developed to be an easy grow variety that is versatile and very forgiving. It is well suited to an indoor grow room and can grow tall for an Autoflower thanks to its sativa genetics, reaching a height of 1m or above. Its quick flowering time of 60 days makes it a popular choice for commercial cultivation.

Outdoors: In an outdoor environment it will also grow very well. Naturally, more sunlight and a warmer climate will boost the yield in southern regions of Europe and in southern states of the US North America and areas of the southern hemisphere. As for northern regions, we like to think of this, as with all our Autoflowers, as God’s gift to the ganja farmer cannabis enthusiast in more temperate parts of the world! Vertigo will work in town and countryside gardens and provides medical users growing their own medicine with a plant that discretely sits on a balcony space or fits into a garden corner.

Yield and Presentation

The high yield potential of this plant announces itself with chunky dense nuggets that ooze with a full jacket resinous coating.   

Indoor Yield: 500 g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 75 g per plant


Recreational: The potency of plants grown from Vertigo cannabis seeds, makes this Auto a popular choice with recreational users too. The relaxation effect is significant but does not hold the user hostage in the couch. 

Medical: This strain has been described as ‘good strong medicine’ with pain and anti-anxiety qualities singled out by medical users who appreciate the full Vertigo package of relaxation combined with a balanced effect which allows them to get things done.

Grow Stats

Vertigo cannabis seeds  are suitable for growing outside between 60º n.L. and 60º s.L.. Vertigo cannabis strain plants  will be ready for harvest in 9 – 10 weeks after seed germination outdoors, and 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 500 g per m² indoors / 75 g per plant outdoors.

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