White Noise
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White Noise

Tune in to White Noise and enjoy an old Amsterdam coffeeshop classicupdated for the 2020s. White Widow gets a Cookies upgrade to create a frosty nugget,flavor fiesta which will equally appeal to old and new generation growers

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An Amsterdam coffeeshop classic gets a 2020s upgrade with extra frosting and enhancedflavors. White Noise is a mostly indica (80%) White Widow x Space Cookies cross. It’ssuperbly well balanced, sticky fingered oily and has great resistance qualities.

The mix of classic old school Amsterdam and contemporary California bling produces anaromatic blend of sweet citrus, vanilla and pine which is countered by tones of earth, nut andpeppermint. The taste is at once familiar and yet surprisingly unique whilethe effectcombines lucid euphoria with contented relaxation.

This strain will appeal across the generations–to those who first met the White Widowmany years ago and those discovering her joys for the first time. A straight up classic with anew Cookies refit, the extra dimension will be appreciated by all, from grow to consumption.

Indoors,White Noise will spread its copious branches horizontally without stretching muchbeyond 1 meter high, although it is recommended to encourage this with someearly topping.For this reason it is an excellent fit for a SCROG or SOG set up.

Outdoors, the heritage of this plant provides great resistance qualities, especially againstBotrytis, which will inspire confidence in growers far north of the equator. IntheMediterranean and sunnier climates, plant this seed and watch it grow to huge heights.

White Noisegrows outsidebetween 50º n.L. and 50º s.L..It finishes in early Octoberoutdoors (n.L.), while indoor finish time is 8-9 weeks. Estimated yield is450 g per m²indoors /700g per plant outdoors.

Luminous Fun…Growers of all abilities will fall in love with this 60/40 hybrid with a lean tothe indica side. Glowstarz flies off the chart with its superb Kushy/Cookie flavors, andrampant resin production which coats plants with a glowing trichome trail. Just likea glowstar, you can stick this versatile plant almost anywhere and it will illuminate your growspace.

Cut this plant and it will bleed pure California with its swag of premium Cali genetics. It’sadaptable, it’s tough with good resistance qualities and it’s bountiful with its high yields.We can’t emphasise enough what a fun plant this is and it will leave you with a smile onyour face at every stage of the grow process.


On the one side is an original San Fernando Valley OG Kush (also knownas SFV OG), supplied by Paradise’s Californian friends in 2018, which is ahybrid renowned for its earthy/pine smoothness and potency. On the otherside is Gelato 33, a Cookies influenced strain which is known for itsenergetic euphoria and pronounced sweet taste. Glowstarz exhibits thebest of qualities of its parents which is reflected in its flavor and effect.

Aromas and Flavours

Glowstarz brings the highlights of two signature cannabis families togetherin one extremely aromatic and flavorful plant. From the Kush side there aredeep tones of gas (diesel), pine and metal while the sweet and pungentedge is evidence of the Gelato 33influence. This meeting of both worldshas produced a strain with real full blooded smell and taste


Difficulty Level:Easy

Indoors: Underpinned by super reliable genetics, a Glowstarzcannabisseed is like a rocket, ready to launch wherever you want it. The fun extendsto the grow experience so expect great results in all environments. It’s amedium sized sturdy plant, which displays the architecture of a typicalKush, although with a more open structure to its growth. It should notexceed 1.5 meters in height.Outdoors:Its tremendous versatility should make it a no brainer foroutdoor growers. From sea level to mountain heights, Mediterranean heatto rainy north European gardens, this is an incredibly adaptable plant.Growers in coolerand wetter parts of the world will especially appreciatethe high level of defense against disease which makes Glowstarz shine inthe garden

Yield and Presentation

Bud development is prolific and this strain develops nice thick flowerclusters which grow closely together to produce long fox tail colas. Thebuds (as well as fan leaves) sparkle with the promise of sweet resinousreward like sugar coated cookies. In their formation they are more inkeeping with the Gelato/Cookies style in their compactness, althoughslightly bigger and their density adds weight to any harvest.

Indoor Yield: 500g

Outdoor Yield: 800g


Recreational:With the heavyweight credentials behind the lineage, onemight expect a knockout blow from Glowstarz, but this is not the case. Itsoars with a feel good euphoric charge which is the perfect fuel for creativeactivity and socializing. The significant indica element shows itself with thewarm glow of body relaxation and contentness which characterizes thedownswing. Like we said, ‘fun’!

Medical:There is much to recommend for medical cannabis consumersseeking relief. It’s a good appetite stimulant and a rapid mood lifter andconsistent use throughout the day will produce a deep relaxation andsedative quality sought after by many medical patients

Grow Stats

Glowstarz can be grownoutside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L.. It finishes in early Octoberoutdoors (n.L.), while indoor finish time is 8-9 weeks. Estimated yield is 500 g per m²indoors / 800 g per plant outdoors.

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