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Feminized cannabis seeds provide an almost 100% guarantee that your seed will grow into a female plant that will flower and produce buds (compared to the male which does not).  We stock a range of organic cannabis seeds that offer great options for both beginner and professional growers.

Paradise Seeds was one of the first companies to bring feminized cannabis seeds to the market and this innovation changed the cannabis industry. Growers have got accustomed to the convenience of planting a seed that is guaranteed to produce and feminized plants can be grown indoors or outdoors.

With extensive development through the company’s in-house breeding program, Paradise Seeds feminized cannabis seeds have a proven record of providing stable genetics. This ensures that cannabis seeds develop into plants which are resinous and flavorful with awesome power. Indica, sativa, hybrid and autoflower strains, including numerous cannabis cup winners, offer a whole range of CBD to THC ratios.