Auto Collection Pack #2
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Auto Collection Pack #2

A fantastic pick n mix pack of feminized auto seeds featuring three of our most popular strains, a combination of power, yield and maximum effect.

Red – Auto Jack
Black – Auto Acid
White – Pandora

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One Collection pack. Six feminized autoflower seeds:

We know some growers are single minded in their operations, choosing to grow one strain only, while other growers like to experiment a little bit and bring some variety into their grow set up. That’s why we have assembled Auto Collection #2, a selection of 3 super Autoflower varieties, chosen to give a great all round performance for the home grower.

With 2 cannabis seeds per strain, each variety offers something a little bit different, while bringing power and performance, from the grow process to the end smoke. There is a consistency that comes with this pack, a similar growth height for each plant (no more than 1m inside and a little taller in the garden) and a similar life cycle for each plant (60-75 days).

Are you looking for more info on the seeds in this collection pack, or curious to know how they would work for you? Visit our product descriptions pages for tips and grow reports.